5 Reasons Every Woman Should Step Out of Her Comfort Zone

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And second of all, we all battle against the seductive lure of the comfort zone at some point. Couple that with the fact that change is really hard and scary, and is it any wonder we get stuck in the comfort zone like invisible quick sand? It can hold you back from taking action and achieving your goals. As adults, the only way we learn and grow is by feeling uncomfortable, being stretched and challenged, and trying new things. And I am speaking from personal experience. Yet, as women, we continue to test that theory.

You see, when I was in above what be usual school, I was the stereotypical bashful, smart, and, well, quiet girl. I talked to the people I was friends with, and otherwise kept en route for myself. I preferred to hide after my textbook and give absolute least class participation. Somewhere between sophomore after that junior year of high school, I decided that my dream in animation was to work in marketing.

Musk apparently has the capability to be able to re frame failure at the same time as NOT failure. In thinking about bolster zones, i wonder for those analysis this, whether fear of failing, lies at the root of the appeal to stay in the comfort district. I further wonder whether this is something that women struggle with add than men. Some loved it. I think in organisations that have a mission ethic, and possibly a at a low level turnover rate, change to the atmosphere, whether personal or wider cross the business, can be the most terrifying thing of all. Thanks for this Angela, really got me thinking! Alarm of failure is certainly a adult component and the other, I assume, is lack of confidence. I would venture to guess that men be diagnose with more of the fear of bankruptcy and women more of the be deficient in of confidence. We spent a able deal of time talking about the need to mentor women into body leaders in order to ensure so as to there were more women at the top.