Nobody Uses Dental Dams

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But before they go, they have one final lesson, one last barrier method for their teacher to sheepishly explain: the dental dam, a latex sheet used as a barrier during oral sex. The instructor would inform the students that dental dams are flavored, and that they should only be used once and then thrown away. Even the teachers, preaching about the dangers of STIs, have probably never bought one themselves. Read: The enduring unpopularity of the female condom. Carol Queen, a staff sexologist for the sex-shop chain Good Vibrations, says the company sells less than dams per month in the United States, across 13 stores and its website. It might seem like that would spell doom for the dental dam. But it has managed to live on: first as a staple of sex education, but now as a symbol of sex positivity for queer women—whether or not anybody ever uses them. Sanford Barnum invented the rubber dental dam in to isolate individual teeth from saliva during dental surgery. But in the late s, as millions of gay men began dying of AIDS, safe-sex advocates adopted the dental dam for an entirely new purpose.

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