Let’s talk about squirting

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This week: squirting. There's a lot of conflicting information out there about female ejaculation, or more colloquially, squirting. It is perhaps the greatest mystery of our time. At this point, it's practically mythology previously compared to urban legends of Loch Ness proportions. Squirting is a myththey say. Or no — squirting is real, and here's how you can achieve it. Careful though, because it's actually just pee.

Is it pee? And how might I make it happen for me? The first time Gilly, 41, squirted, it left her on a high. I took a photo of the bucketing patch so I could reassure for my part that it really had happened. I mopped up the rug, then had a google.

Although ejaculation from the vulva or vagina can also happen—before, during, after, before without orgasm. Squirting is just individual part of that. During sex, a few people with vulvas experience the automatic emission of fluid. Accurate information after that conversation about the sexual realities of female-assigned folks—whose bodies are still a lot subject to myth and mystery—is absurd. That creates a lot of avoidable pressure! Are you tracking your sexual activity in Clue? In , urologist Joanna Korda and her colleagues combed through translations of ancient literary texts and plucked out multiple references en route for the ejaculation of sexual fluids 1. The Kamasutra written in — A. Squirting controversy: Is female ejaculatory adaptable simply urine?

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