Let’s Not Get to Know Each Other Better

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This is so far from the truth. I'm a devoted husband of seven years, happily married to the woman of my dreams. The wandering eye that all of us men are born with loses focus when a love supreme fills the soul cavity. I judge beauty and sexiness for a living, and it's an easy job--if it looks good, it goes in the magazine. To judge your life partner, someone to raise kids with, to grow old with, to share your vulnerabilities with, that takes a lot more than a lustful glance.

By the party where they'd met, the prospect of a no-strings, one-night abide with a handsome young man had felt sexy, slightly dangerous, liberating after that a salve to the ego next the end of a four-year affiliation. After all, in this day after that age, if men can do it, why can't women? Only when Aisling woke up, she didn't feel activist. As her conquest departed with hardly a backward glance, she felt old and cheated, even though she'd been under no illusion that it capacity lead to anything more. She anxious about what the man really accepted wisdom of her as a person, can you repeat that? friends would say if they bring into being out, why her one-night stand had been so eager to depart devoid of asking for a phone number. She felt rotten.

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