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Like the other muscles in your body, your brain needs regular workouts, too. Mental health is as important than physical fitness. You want to keep it on its toes by doing the same things differently every now and then. Are you right handed? Brush teeth with your left hand. Take an alternative road.

As a result of Paul Massari This article is individual of a series addressing student admission to resources through the Scholarship Pick up initiative. Harvard Library has for decades offered resources that extend well ancient the boundaries of its buildings, enabling patrons to access information both arrange and off campus. Even in a digital age, though, the stately edifices, scores of books and physical collections, and the experience of studying all the rage one of the libraries can add force to a sense that GSAS students be obliged to be on campus to access the resources they hold. I don't absence to say there is nothing we cannot get to you digitally, although generally, if you let us appreciate what you need, we will amount out how to get it en route for you.