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GEHRY is one of the most important and celebrated architects in the world. His striking design of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, with its unique angles and titanium exterior, catapulted him to international fame when the museum opened in Our interview with Gehry took place inin his spartan office, the hub of a converted two-story industrial building that housed his architectural firm. When we interviewed him, he had completed the design of Disney Hall, but construction had not yet begun. Gehry was warm and open, and although neither of us had met him before, talking with him was like talking with an old friend. My father died in My mother was, has been, always is, and is still to this day, demanding excellence and growth. There was a kind of ambition in her that was always present.

The Yearbook Yearbook recognizes the best of the best. This annual volume features the most stunning and cutting-edge designs, themes, photos and coverage from the yearbooks. The outstanding work showcased at this juncture represents that regional diversity. The turquoise triangle woven into the photo reflects the Shaped theme and gives a three-dimensional look.

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