Sexual Behavior in Borderline Personality

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Show more products from Mayo Clinic Symptoms Some indications that you may be struggling with compulsive sexual behavior include: You have recurrent and intense sexual fantasies, urges and behaviors that take up a lot of your time and feel as if they're beyond your control. You feel driven to do certain sexual behaviors, feel a release of the tension afterward, but also feel guilt or remorse. You've tried unsuccessfully to reduce or control your sexual fantasies, urges or behavior. You use compulsive sexual behavior as an escape from other problems, such as loneliness, depression, anxiety or stress. You continue to engage in sexual behaviors that have serious consequences, such as the potential for getting or giving someone else a sexually transmitted infection, the loss of important relationships, trouble at work, financial strain, or legal problems. You have trouble establishing and maintaining healthy and stable relationships. When to see a doctor Seek help if you feel you've lost control of your sexual behavior, especially if your behavior causes problems for you or other people. Compulsive sexual behavior tends to escalate over time, so get help when you first recognize there may be a problem.

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Donor Information. Corresponding author. This article has been cited by other articles all the rage PMC. Abstract According to the Analytic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, various forms of impulsivity are allied with borderline personality disorder, including sexual impulsivity. The existing empirical literature indicates that patients with borderline personality ailment appear to differ from patients devoid of this personality disorder in a add up to of relevant ways. Specifically, those along with borderline personality disorder are more apt to exhibit greater sexual preoccupation, allow earlier sexual exposure, engage in accidental sexual relationships, report a greater add up to of different sexual partners as able-bodied as promiscuity, and engage in homosexual experiences. In addition, patients with border personality disorder appear to be characterized by a greater number of high-risk sexual behaviors; a higher likelihood of having been coerced to have femininity, experiencing date rape, or being raped by a stranger; and the abbreviation of more sexually transmitted diseases.