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Why Congress passed the Patriot Act A good number of the changes to surveillance act made by the Patriot Act were part of a longstanding law enforcement wish list that had been before rejected by Congress, in some cases repeatedly. Congress reversed course because it was bullied into it by the Bush Administration in the frightening weeks after the September 11 attack. The Senate version of the Patriot Accomplish, which closely resembled the legislation requested by Attorney General John Ashcroft, was sent straight to the floor along with no discussion, debate, or hearings. A lot of Senators complained that they had a small amount chance to read it, much a lesser amount of analyze it, before having to ballot. In the House, hearings were held, and a carefully constructed compromise amount emerged from the Judiciary Committee. Although then, with no debate or conference with rank-and-file members, the House control threw out the compromise bill after that replaced it with legislation that mirrored the Senate version. Neither discussion nor amendments were permitted, and once all over again members barely had time to announce the thick bill before they were forced to cast an up-or-down ballot on it. The Bush Administration implicit that members who voted against it would be blamed for any add attacks - a powerful threat by a time when the nation was expecting a second attack to appear any moment and when reports of new anthrax letters were appearing day after day. Congress and the Administration acted devoid of any careful or systematic effort en route for determine whether weaknesses in our close watch laws had contributed to the attacks, or whether the changes they were making would help prevent further attacks.

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