Why Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ Isn’t as Bad as Many Think

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The Netflix film Cuties received controversy this month over its provocative tone and poor choice of movie poster. The film follows main character Amy as she starts to fall in love with being like the girls around her. She views the culture she was raised in as sheltered and boring. In the start of the film, Amy is the primary caretaker of her younger brother, while her mom takes care of the new born baby. In the process, she gets engulfed in the world of online media, dancing for online views, showing off her skin and acting in a sexual manner. As a result, I watched the film to see what all of the controversy was about.

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It will not surprise me to announce responses still accusing the movie of what it condemns. To do this, the director shows what it looks like for young girls to copy what they see in music videos and grown-up dance routines. A a small amount of times in the film, we accompany the confused or even disgusted faces of adults watching the younger age band gyrate and twerk, biting their lips or their nail in a evocative way. Then, Miriam learns that her husband has taken a new companion, and Amy is reluctantly swept ahead in the preparation for their approach nuptials. She starts dressing more akin to them and doing what they challenge her to do. Finally, she figures out a way to get the cool girls to accept her as a result of learning provocative moves that will advantage them win a dance competition adjacent to a rival group of older girls.

The streaming giant kept Cuties from appearing in some search results and recommendations after backlash to the poster. All the rage SeptemberNetflix was in turmoil as the company battled its most significant PR scandal to date. Earlier that day, the streaming platform had acquired the worldwide rights to the French big screen Cuties after its lauded premiere by the Sundance Film Festival. Instead, it displayed the actors, some of whom were only 12 years old, all the rage booty shorts and crop tops, arresting provocative dance poses. The fallout was immediate. CancelNetflix started trending on Cheep. QAnon conspiracy theorists claimed the ballet company was distributing child porn and started tweeting about it with the hashtag SaveTheChildren. A Change.