100 Dirty Sex Jokes Your Friends Will Begrudgingly Enjoy

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Name-calling is a really enjoyable part of kinky dirty talkbut in the era of MeToo it can feel very weird and even anti-feminist. But calling her a slut when she asks you to is actually extremely feminist: She's vocalizing her desires, and you're following her rules. There's a big difference between consensual name-calling and malicious name-calling in, say, the workplace. In fact, I can assure you that they do not. Context is everything. Sometimes people just want some love and kinky sexual healing from their partner. Turned on? The MeToo movement has some men tripped up about sex and dating. Women have tried to make it clear that sexual assault is not sex, and sexual harassment is not flirting.

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Accordingly, you want to tell a femininity joke? First and foremost, know your audience. A dirty joke may additionally land you in HR, and we want to avoid that. You additionally might not want to whip absent a dirty joke in front of your parents, grandparents, or in-laws—but hey, we don't know what your affiliation is like your fam, so you do you.

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