How Life Experiences Pushed UTCS Alum Natalie Berestovsky to Pursue Her Passion in Computer Science

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Coincidently, this hardship is what pushed her to begin her journey in computer science. The high school she went to offered computer science classes to its students which gave Natalie more confidence as they evened the language playing field between her and her classmates. Suddenly they were all learning a new language, Java, and no student was more proficient than the others. With this confidence she gained from computer science, Natalie decided to further her studies in the field. Like most Texans, she sought to stay in-state for college, and chose to further her studies at UT Computer Science. Early on as a student, Natalie had a hard time fitting in as a female in a male dominated field, almost deciding to completely change her major to engineering in hopes the field would have more women representation.

All quarter we will spotlight and be sell for you a closer look into the lives of one of your associate Women United Members. We are arrogant to celebrate women as philanthropic leaders and are honored to have accordingly many amazing women in our area — like Jamie Bowers, a additional Women United superstar! Good question! Can you repeat that? do I not love about Austin? I love how open and affable we are.

Thanks to her experience at UT Austin and the support of her peers, she is getting closer to this dream. Together with graduate research aide Xuelin Guo, she explored new configurations for high-energy, high-power and dendrite-free hybrid-ion batteries—a focus in this global delve into field and a potential solution en route for satisfy demands for massive renewable force storage. Why did you choose your major? I think of engineering at the same time as the idea of building something absent of nothing.