One Night Stand lyrics

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Nothing could be more false. Actually, there are many reasons why one-night stands are positive experiencesand you might benefit from having more of them. If you want to, of course. Having a one-night stand once in a while, or even every given Friday night, can actually be so good for you! Honestly, sometimes a one-night stand can actually turn into a relationship, whether it be based in romance or a shared love of banging on demand. One-night stands are, if nothing else, an adventure, and only certain kinds of people take to that sort of thing. Like pizza, there is no such thing as too much sex. Well, sometimes you have to take a break because your body demands it, but in general, the more sex you have the better.

Although music enthusiasts disagree over the accurate meaning of the song, I'm along with those who interpret it as describing a brief, humdinger of a assignation with a gorgeous woman. Looks akin to this lover boy looks over after that sees a woman in his band, then freaks out about how he's gonna explain his relationship misstep. All the rage this pop song, a guilty ethics is burning a hole in the cheating man's heart. He decides en route for confess his sins and blame his one-night stand on the night. Let's see how that goes over along with the Mrs. If you're the Hollywood type, it would be when Friday night partying means you black absent, break the law, and max absent the credit cards. She's prepared en route for repeat her antics next weekend.

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