Breathless: How to Have a Threesome

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Choosing the right threesome partner is a delicate and complex operation. If you mess it up, you could ruin your relationship and life forever. Just kidding. Often, a threesome is one of the first steps couples take down the path to a more progressive relationship dynamic. In my mind there are three types of threeways. In my mind, this is the threesome holy grail: genuine attraction sparks between everyone, and a fun moment impulsively turns erotic. Yeah, been there. What's the secret key to orchestrating a good one—one that makes you feel happy and liberated, rather than like a jealous monster? When I was 24, my then boyfriend and I decided we wanted to try a threesome.

Here's what worked and what didn't, after that how they pulled it off. Adding an extra body to a sexual encounter is hot as hell designed for any number of reasons, not slight of which is just the absolute visual and physical sensory overload so as to comes with it. In practice, threesomes are actually not that common. Designed for monogamous couples, on the other hand, threesomes might be the single exclusion to the rule of exclusivity—and experimenting with it might involve some astonishing emotional turbulence along the way. The possibility was always on the agenda for us, but we pursued it more seriously during a period of non-monogamy.

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