Blue-chip recruit to blue-collar dad: How Rushel Shell has adjusted to life after football

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Did you read something you loved this year? Did you read something that made you cry or pissed you off? We did. Year after year, in our Winter Reading issue we write about what writers wrote about and published in the past year, with particular focus on local and Pacific Northwest writers. Miller, Mountain Press Publishing Company. Much of my childhood is filled with geology. But decades later, I now have some sort of appreciation for geology, and Marli B. Miller tells the formation story of what we call Oregon in an accessible way. But geologists need more than words to describe formations, and fortunately the book is filled with informative photos, geologic maps and cross-sections.

As of former army officer William Stacey comes the second book in a bleeding tale of dark fantasy and aggressive battle. Only Owen remains to care for the headstrong Lady Danika. When a chance encounter throws them together along with Fioni, a beautiful but hot-tempered attacker captain, they learn the truth after the queen's power. Only a abandoned heirloom, the legendary Shield of Serl Raven-Eye, can lead to the leech queen's defeat. If you like George R. I'm a former Canadian armed force intelligence officer with more than thirty years of service to my countryside. I have operational tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan, and have served all the rage other war zones such as San Diego and Bermuda. I'm pretty a good deal a battle nerd who loves en route for tell stories.

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It's a cool fall evening, and the only sound on this block all the rage a peaceful Hopewell Township neighborhood is the rhythmic thump of a basketball on concrete. Out back behind his family's split-level home, Rushel Shell battles through a double team toward an old hoop, the rim lowered en route for just over 7 feet. His opponents: Arionna and Amiyah, 9-year-old twin daughters. Shell has a teammate, technically, all the rage his son, Prince, but the 5-year-old is in another corner of the driveway, shooting on his own arcade-style hoop.

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