40 Erotic Role Play Ideas That'll Totally Spice Up Your Sex Life

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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. When it comes to sex, we tend to have strong feelings about our favorite positions or erogenous zones. But for many, pleasure — especially reaching climax — is all about engaging the mind. Whatever it is that whets your curiosity, remember that having sexual fantasies is common, normal, and no reason to feel ashamed. And role-playing can be a fun and safe way to put your fantasies into action and connect with your partner s on a deeper, more intimate level.

Around are plenty of things you be able to do to spice up your femininity life, even if you've been along with your partner for a long age. But you don't need to accept fancy sex toys or to screw up your body to make things above streamy. All you need is a break from how you and your partner usually interact. And the finest way to do that?

Account from Sex. By role-playing with your partner, you can abandon all inhibitions, get into character, and act absent your most secret sexual fantasies. Did you have a crush on a hot professor in college, a early boss, or the cute barista as of your local coffee shop? Or did you perhaps find yourself aroused as a result of the idea of anonymous sex along with a stranger? With role-playing, you be able to do all of those things after that more — without cheating on your partner or leaving the security of your current relationship.