How Long Does It Take to Become a Massage Therapist?

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Being a massage therapist is an exciting and meaningful career path. Your anatomical knowledge and manual manipulation skills will allow you to make a serious difference in the way your clients feel both physically and emotionally. Even though a career as a massage therapist might seem like a good fit, you may be wondering how long it would take for you to become one. What are your options after you graduate from a vocational school and are certified? Your massage school education is by far the most crucial component of your career success as a massage therapist. Without it you will have no authority or credibility without some kind of formal training and certification. So, you will need to find and enroll in a massage school program. The good news is that the training to become a massage therapist is extremely reasonable, particularly compared to many other professions dealing with health and wellness. Massage therapy licensing is obtained through vocational school programs.

How many people can truthfully say they love their career? Well, most Knead Therapists tend to say they accomplish. The career boasts below-average stress levels and above-average flexibility, according to U. Massage Therapy is a great calling path, but there are some central choices to make before entering the field. Start by asking yourself can you repeat that? type of massage would you akin to to learn. There are dozens of different modalities —including deep tissue, aerobics instruction, Swedish and trigger point. Most Knead Therapists practice several, but only concentrate in a few. Then, ask by hand if you want to work at the same time as a solo practitioner, or for an established spa or massage business? Although many Massage Therapists are self-employed , most began their careers as an employee for a couple of years.