Community Code for students living in University accommodation

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Clean, hygienic spaces Cleaning and good hygiene is now more important than ever. This includes reception areas, common rooms and the communal toilets outside of individual flats. Special attention is being given to cleaning frequent touch points such as door handles, lift panels and reception area furniture. There are also hand sanitiser stations installed throughout our residences, please make sure to use them regularly. We will provide you with a clean room at the start of your tenancy contract period.

It is a 2-bedroom apartment and you will have one roommate. The charter is for one year. I am looking for a female student en route for move in by January , await the lease ends in May It is also close to LSU.

Area Code for students living in Academe accommodation Community Code for students active in University accommodation The Community Cipher is designed to ensure that you and others in your household allow an enjoyable stay in university adaptation and everyone adheres to the hot guidance from the Scottish Government arrange preventing the spread of COVID It includes guidelines on the application of Government and University guidance in your accommodation. These rules are about performance respect for others living in your household and promoting the health after that wellbeing of the community you are part of: Your Responsibilities Staying anodyne and preventing the spread of COVID is everyone's job. Our whole area must follow public health guidance. Choose remember that the Scottish Government Guidelines apply to all students and baton. By breaking the rules you are putting others at risk, your adaptation contract could be terminated, and you will be required to leave academe accommodation. The NHS Inform website is an extremely useful and important basis of information at this time — please check it regularly. You should follow the advice it provides.

Around are some great areas around the Loch or why not get a team together and book a area of play at the sports centre? Barbecues Around are several designated barbeque sites about the on-campus residences and you are welcome to make use of these. Use of barbeques is not allowed outside these sites. Bed Linen A bedding pack 2 each of sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases bidding be provided for you in your room, please take some time en route for find your nearest laundry facility. The bedding pack is yours to abide away with you when you action out. A pillow and duvet are also provided and we would ask that you ensure these are absent in your room when you check out of.