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World Living your dream Aside from the celebrity for being on of the oldest new mom, Aleta St. James is an internationally acclaimed emotional healer and life coach. Weaving together her own dramatic story of inspiration, success stories from her clientele, and lessons from her journeys to spiritual power spots, Aleta St. James' new book, Life Shift deals with how to transform feelings of failure, frustration, doubt, and loneliness into a creative power that becomes a force in attracting joy, fulfillment, success, and love. Read an excerpt, below. When I was growing up in Brooklyn, I loved my family and wanted to please them so much that I was terrified of their disapproval. At the same time, my mother raised me to be an independent spirit who was allowed to follow her dreams. This dichotomy led me to focus on achieving dreams that were always about making others happy.

The watercolour, seemingly hastily produced on waking, shows a deluge of water down from the sky to engulf him. Most paintings of dreams were biblical in nature. The vivid metaphors of the dreams are shown in spheres floating in the sky as but to emphasise that their comprehension was beyond mortal man. This is made explicit in The Vision of Tundale c by a follower of Bosch, in which the sinful knight is seen hovering above his own dreadful vision of hell. Grotesque depictions of heaven and hell were painted as a result of Bosch and his followers — individual of whom created The Vision of Tundale c Credit: Alamy Dreams at the same time as artistic subject matter largely fell absent of favour in the rational age of the Enlightenment but the after everyone else 18th Century saw the creation of one of the most famous depictions — The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli. For artists such as Gustave Moreau and Odilon Redon, dreams were a method of deciphering reality and the mysteries of existence. It comes at the same time as no surprise that the movement had an impact on the Surrealists.

But often our nighttime visions can bang into our subconscious and offer a window into feelings we're not constant aware of. Ahead of World Ambition Day this Saturday, we caught ahead with expert and best-selling author Theresa Cheung to interpret some of our most common dreams or nightmares. The writer of two Sunday Times acme 10 bestsellers, Theresa has been described by comedian-turned-lifestyle guru Russell Brand at the same time as mysterious, illuminating, kind and informative. Asleep with someone else likely means so as to some aspect of their personality designed for example, their sense of humour desire to be assimilated within yourself.

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