25 Best Michigan Day Trips

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Get unlimited visits to Michigan's Adventure and WildWater Adventure inexclusive discounts and more! From the heart-pounding rush of Thunderhawk and Shivering Timbers to the Family fun of Lakeside Gliders and the Swan Boats, Michigan's Adventure offers thrills of all sizes and fun for all ages. WildWater Adventure features towering slides and refreshing wave pools and splash pads. It's your tropical getaway with more fun in the sun than you'll find anywhere else. It's not just about the speed of the coaster, or the splash landing at the end of every waterslide. More than anything else, it's about the time you spend together and the memories you'll hold onto forever. Enjoy world-class attractions, rides and entertainment. We offer a wide array of group activities that can be tailored for your needs — plus employee offers on group ticket sales. Add food to your fun with all day or all season dining plans or quench your thirst with single day or all season drink refills.

Be sure to check out these family-friendly sights while you are there. Your children will love these Upper Cape attractions! Do your children love swimming in the hotel pools? Mine, too! And, they especially loved the amalgamate area at this AmericInn hotel arrange the outskirts of Munising. Why did they love it so much? As it has waterslides! Not only does it have a large foot waterslide for your adventurous older children, although it also features a wading amalgamate area with a darling little froggy slide. And, BONUS, there is a nice big hot tub for the parents to relax in as they watch their children swim and act.

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Marie is the perfect place for ancestor adventure! There are so many electrify things to do in Sault Ste. Marie, from biking and boating en route for eating delicious treats and enjoying area artwork! With all these great places to visit in Sault Ste. After the lock was built here init was the longest in all of Canada. Today, pleasure watercraft are beside yourself up and down the river all the way through the lock to bypass the St.