Kissing helps us find the right partner – and keep them

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Kissing is something that many of us do regularly. But everyone can probably benefit from a few good kissing tips to improve our technique. So how do you prep yourself for some good kissing action? The sense of smell is a sensual part of the whole art of kissing and you want to make sure your overall scent takes his breath away and makes him want to kiss you more. A light lotion on your skin is a good idea, which will produce a pleasant scent and also make your skin soft and smooth. Make sure you also put on some deodorant and a hint not too much of a complementary body spray or perfume. Lavender and rose oil extract are popular and romantic. Your breath is an important factor when kissing — good or bad — and far too often women forgo this seemingly obvious yet important kissing technique. Brushing your teeth every morning and night is great, but make sure you give them an extra scrub with minty toothpaste before your kissing session.

We may earn commission from links arrange this page, but we only advise products we love. Is it average that my guy doesn't like en route for kiss? May 7, sony I'm as this guy who doesn't like en route for kiss. He's into sex, but he says he's just not into kissing. I know it's not me, as I've been told I'm good by it. Is this normal? Not accurately. But it doesn't make him a freak either, so don't panic. Around are a few reasons why your man may be eh about smooching.

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