9 Excuses You'll Hear from Cheating Men

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Strong, healthy, independent people can find themselves in the white-knuckled grip of a toxic relationship. Relationships evolve. They change and they grow. Sometimes they crash and they burn.

We present our growing list of findings here below for the benefit of women who may use them, all along with their own judgment, to calculate overall behaviours and avoid cheating men. Part 1: LIES. Behaviour Around Women. SoR have noted in our all-embracing field research that men who bamboozle treat women in a similar approach.

Allegiance is a trait that doesn't acquire enough credit — but it actually, really should. It's not as flamboyant as dizzying good looks or dirt-free chemistry, but loyalty is one of those important relationship traits that's available to get you through the elongate haul. Naturally, there are going en route for be times where your relationship a minute ago isn't as exciting and you be converted into bored — or even tempted as a result of someone else. So how can you tell if someone will be constant or not to you? It's not always about whether they're faithful before not — your partner can be disloyal and never have cheated arrange you. It's easy to over-simplify, en route for think that you can tell the bad person in the leather casing who obviously treats people like crap from a good person in a letterman's sweater who will treat you well. But it's just not so as to simple. Haven't you seen Grease?