Dog owner red-faced when pet pooch vomits sex toy in the middle of a vets visit

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The dog took everyone by surprise when it spewed up a sex toy, and while the owner was relieved to get the dislodged item out, a vet assistant felt sick after watching the canine vomiting. The anonymous owner said that her Rottweiler was ill and she had no idea why, so she sought out professional help, as the Daily Star reports. She shared a clip of the embarrassing moment on Reddit, which shows the medium-sized dog standing in the middle of the treatment room where the staff have put down a few pee pads. Within seconds, the canine starts to throw up some disgusting yellow liquid, then, to the owner's horror, a neon-pink vibrator. In the clip, an assistant holding the dog's leash is seen retching in the background while the dog owner cheers: Woo, here it goes. The Reddit user shared the clip along with a joke: When you want to party but you get too excited.

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A naughty pooch destroyed one of his owner's sex toys, leaving her 'gutted'. Stacey Eales came home earlier this month when she spotted some bits of pink plastic on the baffle - initially she assumed that her dog Bugzy had chewed one of his own toys, but after popping into the bedroom she discovered it was actually one of her accept toys. Twenty -nine-year old Stacey collective hilarious photos showing a very guilty-looking Bugzy - a French bulldog after that Staffy cross - peering at his owner as well as the wrecked sex toy. Incidentally, the toy is called Tracy's Dog, which Stacey barbed out, was destroyed by Stacey's afflict. Stacey, from Nuneatonsaid: It was a really good toy to be adequate, so I'm gutted. I think Bugzy knew and was like, 'I'm the only dog in this house. I think it's his way of saying 'pay attention to me'.

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By a recent housewarming party, I overheard a table of women casually complaining about the frequency with which their household pets have destroyed their femininity toys. The tone was disturbingly blase. How wrong I was. Dogs after that cats are eating our sex toys every day, around the clock. A minute ago ask the internet. I need a new mustang or I'll die. All the rage two days, twenty-two people reached absent to regale me with tales of bygone sex toys, annihilated by their animals. Twitter user TerriblyBland recalled so as to while away on a three-day act trip, their cat turned on their Hitachi Magic Wand, knocked it en route for the carpet, and almost set their apartment on fire.