Sexual Transmutation: 5 Ways to Channel Sexual Energy

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By Ageist Contributor Sexual energy can be seen as the most powerful kind of creative energy. Even if you choose not to procreate or if you engage in sex that would never lead to conception, you are co-creating an experience with another human being. There is a mindset that permeates our conceptions around sex, headlining with a fallacy that women over a certain age are no longer interested. However, if we are desirous of continuing with a fulfilling sexual experience, yet feel overawed, we can adapt. The passions we may have lost along the way can be restarted with an open mind and a little creative effort. Taoist Practice for Cultivating Sexual Energy The Taoist practice for cultivating sexual energy is one pillar of the eight pillars of Taoist philosophy. This pillar is an ancient study that developed techniques to heighten the pleasure and spirituality of sexual intercourse. The practice teaches men and women how to channel their energy into a higher state of consciousness and simultaneously achieve the deepest levels of pleasure. The journey becomes the highlight.

Sexual Transmutation Throughout History Ancient cultures allow, for thousands of years, recognized the power and force of the libido. While some have condemned and feared it as the mighty force it is , others have celebrated after that channeled it. Apart from the Tantric and Taoist sexual energy practices, around are countless other references to the hidden powers within sex. Kabbalah, designed for instance, sees sexual desire as the deepest spiritual expression one can allow. In Sex Magick, it is educated that with enough will, we be able to transform the raw energy of our libidos into the transcendent power of creativity. As sexual energy is artistic energy, it makes sense to accomplish the most of its innate benefits. Just look at the likes of Immanuel Kant, Lewis Carroll, and constant Emily Dickinson — all practitioners of sexual transmutation in their own way! But imagine what would happen but you used that burst and announce of sexual energy toward fulfilling a dream or goal.

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Alexandra FineCredentialed Sexologist, M. Or our affiliate wants to go again, but we only have enough energy left en route for roll over and fall asleep. Before we simply have a low femininity drive or non-existent sex life. Is that what people mean when they talk about sexual energy? A desk lifestyle or conversely, too much exercisepoor diet or sleep habits, high accent levels, or hormonal changes due en route for menopause are among the reasons you might not have enough energy designed for sex. In their view, sexual force is a life force that exists in all of us.

So as to said, being connected with your sexuality in a super-authentic way can be notably fulfilling in myriad creative behaviour. For instance, you can use a practice like sexual transmutation to bolster your life and bring your a good number treasured dreams into reality. Sexual alteration is essentially the expansion of our sexual energy to co-create with the divine, says Corina Cryslertransformational astrologer after that solo sacred sexuality mentor. Co-creation, she says, allows us to attract the things we desire into our animation. And sexual energy itself, to be clear, doesn't exclusively rely on you masturbating so much that you ache yourself. It holds the energetic appearance of your consciousness and soul atlas. It is you in the fullest illumination of who you are. So as to allows us to bring more positivity into our vortex. Do you absence a fulfilling job?