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We are excited to weclome our families back to OLP. Our objective is to keep residents, family, and staff healthy and safe. Please click on the link below for specific actions that we are taking to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Our Lady of Peace OLP provides a wide range of services to address many levels of care, from short-term rehab to long-term skilled nursing. The founding principle of Our Lady of Peace is a residence designed to feel more like home, with no compromise to the services that residents require.

All together with our compassionate, friendly staff our providers are committed to helping patients feel comfortable and confident in our care. We want to help you achieve your best health and allow designed our services to help you feel calm, relaxed, and pampered. As of our beginning, we have sought absent to develop personal relationships with our patients — we truly care a propos you, your wellbeing, and your animation. Our goal has always been en route for provide women with caring, individualized services in a contemporary, welcoming atmosphere. Jennifer Orr to provide women from athwart Eastern North Carolina with nurturing, personalized care.

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