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The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm Daoist and Tantric Sexual Cultivation in the West by Michael Winn By abstaining from intercourse, the spirit has no opportunity for expansiveness, yin and yang are blocked and cut off from one another. Over the past two thousand years, certain Daoist and Tantric cultures sought to tap the power of sexuality to cultivate elevated spiritual states of awareness and achieve immortality. These practices appear to have originated in China and India and later spread to Tibet and elsewhere in Asia. Daoism and Tantrism are both experiential approaches to life, and share similar microcosmic-macrocosmic theories of the human body as an inner mirror of outer Nature. The body-centered cosmology of each has led to a spectrum of sexual practices that range from ritualized physical sexual intercourse to celibacy accompanied by conscious subtle-body love making. Bokemkamp,43; Wile25, White, Both posit a multi-dimensional universe governed by divine, all pervading polar energies identified in Tantra as Shakti-Shiva deities or in Daoism as the yin-yang forces of Heaven and Earth. These polar forces arise from a mysterious non-dual unity, whose dance within the physical plane follows a five-fold pattern of harmony governed by five families of deities or five phase principles. Both offer alchemical maps, often hidden within mandalas interiorized within the body - yantras in Tantra and I Ching Yijing patterns in Daoism - that can be fully understood only by the initiated adept.

Femininity is a touchy subject - not least among Israel's highly conservative ultra-Orthodox Jews. But an Orthodox therapist after that an Orthodox teacher in Jerusalem allow co-written a sex guide aimed distinctively at this community. There used en route for be a sex shop on the way to David Ribner's office all the rage central Jerusalem. The sign is allay there - with big red letters spelling out Sex Shop, Sex, Adoration - but you can barely announce it because it's been scratched absent. The shop went out of affair. Now there's just one sex construction left in Jerusalem.

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