Temporary marriage in Iran and women's rights

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Temporary marriage in Iran and women's rights Temporary marriage in Iran and women's rights January 13, Share Temporary marriages and sex tourism in Iran Sex tourism and sex trafficking in Iran are increasing. One contributing cause is the practice of sigheh. While sigheh is often justified using moral terms, in practice it is a legal loophole for prostitution. The problems associated with sigheh are rampant, but there is almost no research or data about this legalized form of sexual exploitation and about the lives of its victims in Iran. Another argument is that many men have no other possible source for sexual companionship other than through a paid arrangement. This includes single men, men who travel for extended periods, and those whose wives have long-term illnesses. Sigheh: A religiously sanctioned legalization of prostitution Sigheh is legal according to Iranian Civil Law article Usually, according to Iranian tradition, virgin girls must obtain permission from their father to marry permanently or temporarily, but according to the Iranian Civil Law Articles andgirls can obtain permission to become a sigheh wife by simply identifying their husband-to-be by name and providing details about their relationship such asthe value of the mehrieh dowry and proposed length of the marriage. A sigheh can last for one hour, a few days, a few months or longer.

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All item on this page was elect by a Woman's Day editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to accept. Find out about the weirdest conjugal rules on the books. Aug 2, Getty Images Ever since North Dakota approved no-fault divorce in , Additional York was the lone holdout all the rage America, requiring couples to assign accuse when they split. But what erstwhile outdated marriage laws exist today all the rage the U. Read on to achieve out which states have or had the wackiest rules around. Legal: Marriage ceremony by Proxy for Military Personnel Marriage ceremony by proxy, which means someone be able to stand in for a bride before groom who can't be present by his or her own wedding, is limited to members of the U. Armed Forces.