Memory Lapse or Dementia? 5 Clues to Help Tell the Difference

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A lot of older adults worry about their recall and other thinking abilities. For case, they might be concerned about attractive longer than before to learn additional things, or they may sometimes disregard to pay a bill. These changes are usually signs of mild absent-mindedness — often a normal part of aging — not serious memory problems. What's normal forgetfulness and what's not? Read and share this infographic en route for learn whether forgetfulness is a average part of aging. What's the alteration between normal, age-related forgetfulness and a serious memory problem? It's normal en route for forget things once in a although as we age, but serious recall problems make it hard to accomplish everyday things like driving, using the phone, and finding your way abode. Talk with your doctor to affect whether memory and other cognitive problems, such as the ability to evidently think and learn, are normal after that what may be causing them.

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