Here's What It's Like to Have Sex With Someone With a Foot Fetish

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In a studyabout one-third of participants said they had a sexual preference for a certain body part, and almost half of those people had some kind of foot fandom going on. But why feet? But there are some theories that may explain the mysteries of foot magic. Foot anatomy Foot massages feel good for a reason. Feet are superhighways of nerve endings — scratching the bottom of your foot likely feels way more intense than scratching your elbow. This could explain why feet can play a role in sensual pleasure. The D and S stand for dominance and submission.

Female A: I was a teenager after that already knew about the fetish as he was my best friend aforementioned to dating. We just made absent and I told him he could play with my feet if he wanted to. I'd asked him a few months beforehand if he had any fetishes. I was flattered so as to he told me, when nobody also knew. It was also his at the outset time acting on his foot craze, so he was too shy en route for do anything other than hold individual of my feet while kissing me Woman B: I've been a all for domme for seven years, so I do and have done a allocation of paid foot play that did not include sex. I was actual familiar with foot fetishists long ahead of I ever hooked up with individual for fun … I have a long-term casual sex partner now who loves feet more than anything.

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