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We can also be veritable pursuers. So how can we rewrite this narrative? To start, I asked women to tell me about a time they made the first move. Read their stories below, and then join me in reshaping what the pursuit of love, sex and romantic revelry can look like by telling me yours, too.

I need to be faithful to the experience. This is how I felt, and this is how I acted; this is what people in despair are driven to do. These are the people we fail in countless ways, and this is the asking price of that failure. I discovered I was wearing a hospital gown after that attached to a catheter the concluding, especially, not something you want en route for take you by surprise. I was shocked when I surfaced at how much time had passed. Just the lasting image of a churning strawberry-red slushy machine, which is how my dad described the life-saving contraption being later.

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