Exactly How To Have Phone Sex Without Feeling Awkward

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Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe in. Why trust us? But if Miranda in Sex and the City taught us anything, it's that phone sex can be seriously hot—if, that is, you know how to have it. Phone sex—talking through sexual acts or fantasies over the phone while you and your partner masturbate—isn't just an intimacy must-do for long-distance couples who can't have regular P-in-the-V or V-on-the-V action. Phone sex is a great way for any and all couples to spice things up, says Janet BritoPhD, a clinical psychologist and sexologist in Honolulu. After all, research shows that novelty is like an aphrodisiac for your brain. But exactly how to have phone sex can feel daunting, since it combines two uncomfortable acts for many women, at least : narrating sexy deeds AND vocalizing personal fantasies.

Products and services Women's sexual health: Chat about your sexual needs Talking a propos your sexual needs can help be sell for you and your partner closer all together and promote sexual fulfillment. Try these tips for talking to your affiliate. Women's sexual health, like men's, is important to emotional and physical comfort. But achieving a satisfying sex animation takes self-reflection and candid communication along with your partner. Although talking about sexuality can be difficult, it's a area well worth addressing. For help all the rage talking about sex with your affiliate, follow this guide.

The golden rule of talking about sex? When you share intimate details online, you risk losing the trust of your partner and the closeness you have as a couple. Still, a recent survey from the condom-makers Trojan revealed that 10 percent of respondents have discussed sex on Facebook before Twitter. Things can easily get misconstrued, and you could find yourself all the rage trouble with your boss, coworkers, before company policies, Kuriansky says. On the phone with a friend at your desk? Leave conversations about sex designed for when you get home or by least well out of earshot of anyone else.

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